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Monday, November 17, 2008

all is okay

I know I havent blogged lately. its been a drama filled week. I am too tired to blog tonight, plus I have a headache. BUT I promise to blog soon.
Hopefully tomorrow.

I have all kinds of stuff. the boys getting kicked out of school, Bow turned one, a first hair cut, a drama queens life. I will try to break it all up, so its not so long.

I have to find a groove. I prefer to blog when the kids go to sleep. BUT lately I have been so tired. Plus BR is still not sure which shift to work, so he is around at my normal blog time, and my dad came to visit so I spent time with him.

But thank you for bearing with me. I promise I will make it up to you. :)


Dot said...

Thanks for the update. Look forward to reading more.

blacx said...

Hey chelle. Miss the posts but you need to take care of self and family first. We can wait for the "drama". Take care and try to get some sleep. drop a quick Hi to the Q&A if you can.

Eboni said...

Hey Chelle, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed if I clicked on your blog link! Sometimes, just reading your posts bring the biggest grin to my face. Can't wait to hear what the boys did, lol.

maidto5 said...

Thank y'all for bearing with me.


Y'll make my day :) its so nice to know that SOMEONE cares what I say. Cause them heathens sure dont! LOL