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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My baby is one...

Well, its happened. My sweet darlin little baby, the last one I will ever have, my adorable and loving, easy going darlin has turned into a full fledged toddler. He is walking, playing, dancing and showing attitude.

Up till the day of his birthday I could still look at him and see baby. the wild hair, the chubby cheeks, and the smile with a few teeth.

Then November 13th came, and I took him to town to get his hair cut. BR and I and my dad all went.

His hair is NOT near as bad as Bretts was Brett had much more hair when he was born, and has 2 topknots making his stick up alot worse.
Matt was born with more hair than Rayley has now. and by the time he was one, I was to the point of wanting to pull it back in a rubber band.

Matt did have this tail same as Bow, But Matts was well past his collar.

So here is a few of the pictures.

he was an EXCELENT baby. with Brett and Matt I had to hold them down. They screamed, they cried, they kicked. Bow just wanted to watch. he was SOOOOO good. I even let the slobbering brat have a sucker.

So gone is my darling baby, and here is my big boy.

Dont you just LOVE those boots? My dad got him those. They are TOO cute. He cant walk real well in them yet. He doesnt like the feel of shoes. Up till this week he has never had a pair on. Heck, he seldom wears socks. But he has done pretty good.

We had his party on Saturday. And BOY did he love it. He got to open his presents and this kid was so calm, he literly didnt even try to open any of them when we got there,and they were sitting on the floor!!

I had to help him open the first, and it was just a ring stacker. That was it, he was through. He just wanted to play with the toy. So we had to help him with them all. He didnt want to give up the newest toy to get another package opened. He got a scooter thing from my mom and really loved that.

I had to pry him away from his toys to give him his cake.

I put him in his highchair and sat his cake in front of him. He just looked at it. I told him to go ahead. he just pulled the glow stick out that I had used as a candle and looked at it.

I put his hands in it, he looked at me like I was crazy. I gave him some iceing, he ate it and then poked the glowstick back in the cake.
It took us 15 minutes to get him to even start to break it apart. He ate a little of it, but could have really cared less. I have NEVER had a kid be this easy. My others tore into it like they had never seen a cake before and they thought it would bite them. they had to be hosed down and were died from the icing for days afterwards. Not Bow. he was almost clean as a whistle. which is very odd for him...

He went back to playing. He was having a blast.

We had went to my aunts house and so we loaded it all up to come home. Then decided since it was my dads last night we would go out to eat. I redressed him and Rayley put on her new outfit. She and Barbie have the same outfit.
She is so proud of this ensemble that she wants to wear it every day. Wait till she see's the other one I got her...

When we got outside I took a picture of them all. I really cant belive how big they are all getting. The years are flying by. It had turned chilly, so Rayley was NOT much into standing still.

see my running board?? thats where I liked to have jerked the dang thing off. And do you know that BR hasnt said a word? oh he told someone, (I think my dad) what happened, and explained how I was suffering from HIA, and how dumb it was. But as far as gettin mad cause I screwed up the truck, he hasnt said a word. I would like to get it fixed. but not till I win the lottery. LOL

After we ate we came home and Bow got back in the floor playing wiht his toys. He was so thrilled. He has never really just had an abundance of toys, so this was all new to him. He plays with some of the kids stuff, and always has something in his hands, but as far as buying him a new something everytime we go to walmart, or even once a month, we just havent done that. he had one of those wicker baskets full of stuff, and never really cared about it all.

He didnt get a whole lot of stuff, a little einstien learning thingy, the walker/scooter, a big dump truck, a train that spits out balls, and that ring thing, and a cup stacking thing. He also got some outfits.

but he sure did wear the new off them. I sent the kids to bed. Telling them to tell Pop bye, cause he would be a distant memory by the time we got up. Of course, I got the same line from him that he probably wouldnt leave till later in the morning. I didnt believe a word of it. I think he sneaks off so early, cause he is scared if he waits till everyone wakes up, I will fiqure out how to stow a kid in his trunk and he wont make a clean getaway..

Bow played till well after 10, the older kids had been in bed and asleep for a while. Finally he got up here in my lap and went to sleep. But come the next morning he was right back on the scooter/walker thing, and throwing toys .

I just cant belive the year has flown by. I will admit, there are times when I think I will never get these kids grown. When I think that I will have someone in my lap for the rest of my life. But there are also days when I could just put a rock on thier heads and make them stay young.
for all their maturity, they are really innocent. They are smart as whips, but untainted by societies problems. I would love for them to stay that way.

Dont get me wrong. They are not sweet and innocent little angels. But they are not scared to walk outside and go to the end of the property by themselves. I can literly tell them to go outside and not come back in until I call, and they do, and I am secure in knowing they are right there. somewhere. in the woods.

And speaking of shoving them otu the door and locking it. Bow does NOT appriciate when they go out and dont take him. I cant just let them go out with him and me not go, They love him, and they are great with him, but they are also easily distracted. And he is fearless, so he would be halfway to Houston before they realized he was gone. Heck, half the time they loose Rayley, or Rayley and Brett loose Matt. OR Matt and Rayley loose Brett. Or whats really funny is when one of them will come back inside, and the other two dont realize it and stay outside searching for that one, freaking out cause they aint willing to admit they lost them. calling them on the 2 way radio and the one that came in has laid it down. They wont admit to 'loosing' the other one, they will just call and try to draw him/her out. Since I can hear everything said they try to talk in code.

I guess I will close now. and I havent forgotten about my promise to post the drama. But I fiqure I better break the last 10 or so days up into more manageable blocks. But I will tell Frank and Jesse's story this week. Its a doozy. a real humdinger...

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